Tough Mudder Training 17 – One Week Out

It’s one week out and training has exponentially increased over the last two months and yes I haven’t posted in a while so I’ll give you the points and some detail. Since my ankle injury from social basketball on a Sunday where I limped for a few days are as follows;

1. Strength training using the workout bench outside a few sessions 2. Four kilometer morning beach run barefoot whilst raining 3. Running up hills training near Kings Park including Jacobs ladder 4. Several maybe mudder sets at the University of Western Australia. 5. A few cardio and strength training at a park in Crawley 6. Masters game (for those over 28 yo which commenced in the morning starting with ultimate Frisbee, indoor volleyball and finishing off with basketball for the entire day. 7. A ten kilometer run at five AM around the Como/South Perth Area.

When I look at the list and the number of activities I have done in the past month or so I realized how much fitter I have become since commencing a few months ago. Although my weight has not varied more than a few hundred grams.

Only having less than the required amount of sleep I woke up thinking about the fact I had to work on my day off. All the different steps and things I would have to complete coursing through my mind. Waking up alert, with my wife asleep beside me I strapped on my brace and headed out, no headphone just blasted the music through my phone I had a rough idea of the path I would take and my aim was to complete at least 10km. Along the way no more than 5 minutes in, I could hear the buzzing from the overhead power lines as I past them. I begun hearing voices and couldn’t pick them out, it was still quite dark and I was still distracted by the buzzing. I saw three guys heading my way. They looked to have had a big night out but in happy spirits as one of the guys pushed his friend in the trolley and another one seeing how I was going. After I asked “how are you guys going?” one replied good but not that good. Yeah they had a big night out. They said have a good run and I continued at good pace.

There were very few people out. Only a few vehicles and the odd cylist until I hit the foreshore where another runner was coming the other way. Close to half way through my run my body only had a few niggly pains but went away as I focussed on the direction I would take. It was at the 8th kilometer I felt like I needed to start walking and I reminded myself to keep pushing through to reach the goal despite the lack of energy now setting in. At the end I was very close to my start point but hadn’t quite reached the 10 km mark so I ran around near by. Two words ‘Worth it’, to know that I had for the first time ever know this was the furthest I have run without needing to break. Around that point the rain became heavier. I relaxed a little past 6AM with the dogs with some water and juice whilst I made eggs, with my wife still asleep.

See the photos below for some of the things myself and our group are in. In addition my wife injured her ankle playing frisbee so we hope she can compete. Come the 26th, next week approximately 10 of us will compete with great determination. Go Sonlife Team!


IMG_0483 IMG_0482 IMG_0455 IMG_0453 IMG_0451 IMG_0412 IMG_0411 IMG_0410
IMG_0486 IMG_0485


Tough Mudder Training 16 – Open Court Basketball @ South Perth




Although the picture doesn’t do it much justice and you may be wondering why it’s called Tough mudder training in the title. This is because I am counting this as exercise. Saturday afternoon I had finished doing the grocery shopping for the week and when I arrived home I realised the weather was holding up and it was a around the 20 degree mark. The sun was still up so I decided to head on down for the first time to a set of courts near the causeway that overlooked the city. Let’s just say it was quite amazing to play basketball in the temperature that we were, with the decent number of people spread across the three courts.

Without much of a break 1.5 hours flew by. When it became dark I sat down and chatted I realised there were multiple miss calls from my wife, whom I forgot to tell I was out at the time and being on court meant I didn’t hear my phone go off. Leaving before the mosquitoes went crazy I headed home for a home cooked meal. Winning!


Tough Mudder Training 15 – Over the Freeway and back

Last minute work held me back and I was not about to head in to heavy traffic by car on the way back. I was supposed to meet my friend before 5. Racing around to get all of my gear I was out of the house in three minutes.

We have recently moved and we now exploring the beautiful area of Como. It’s close to the foreshore and the Kwinnana freeway. This was shorter run as my friend and his wife had plans around six that night. Slowly organising myself at the beginning I was steady for most of the time. Not stopping except for traffic as I powered towards the river and then to the first bridge.

IMG_0268 IMG_0267

As always my phone doesn’t do me justice it was great to see the setting of the sun on the first bridge. Where I slowed down to take a quick few pics. Running to the other bridge, my friend still trailing behind me we went back over the freeway on the second bridge towards the shopping center and back home. For my friend it was all too much the last stretch as he was struggling to manage the pace and had to move between walking and jogging the remainder of the way home. I tried hard to power back to finish strong. Although this was a much shorter run it definitely good to have run considering the rain was like a light switch being turned on and off.

IMG_0262 IMG_0261

Tough Mudder Training 14 – Nedlands Family to Church Family

Another late night and bleary eyed I put my gear on the dark in the morning. Sunday was church at the Loftus center, so I planned to run there and put my gear in to my wife’s car as she was driving so I could have a shower after I finished as it had the facilities. I estimated the run to be approximately 7-10 kilometers and planned to be there around 9.15AM.



This was my first morning run in quite a while so I drank a cup of water with electrolytes, prior to starting and commenced the downward incline of Stirling highway keeping to the shady parts of the pathway avoiding the light as I turned left on to Hampden and then on to Thomas where the sun directly on me for most of my journey on the low horizon. During this time there was a runner whom at first I thought was a young boy at a glance making pace on me, overtaking it was actually an older woman. Only a slight mistake on my part, at least I can laugh about it.

The fourth kilometer was a turning point where my pace slowed and quickened as I did some unplanned interval training by walking and then running. It probably didn’t help that the elevation was dramatically increasing for the next two kilometers. Running over the freeway to know the center wasn’t too far away gave me confidence to finish strong and well. This reflected in my pace as the last 1.5kms saw a steady pace with the exception of stopping at the traffic lights nearer the end.

The run was 7.92 kilometers but I probably should have done an extra 80 meters to make it 8kms, but didn’t realize it at the time. Average pace was 6.12km/h; fastest pace was 4.50 km/h taking a total time of 49.06 minutes.

I was pleased with the result and my wife was also encouraged that she purchased a new pair of runners to assist her with limiting pains ankles and knees and keeping fit.

Thanks all for your likes, comments and for continuing this journey with me to complete this physical and mental goal. 🙂

Tough Mudder Training 13 – Not the leader of the pack

Definitely not leader of the pack tonight. My wife ran, jogged and walked with Rani our Boxer.  Gab and I commenced, both of us slightly having muscle soreness as a result partner Rani as we meet around quarter to 6 to start.


In less than a week by body recovery has been faster and I feel more confident in my running. Starting off as usual I was strong as we moved past the first few kilometers. During this time my friend Gab was in a need of a toilet. He told me to keep running whilst he looked for a bathroom. Keeping running there was a girl that breezed past both of us earlier who was appeared to be doing interval training. I eventually passed her when she slowed down for her friends as I edged closer to the Mounts Bay Bridge.

On the return I met back up with Gab and unfortunately he told me there was no bathroom, which I thought was the case. We powered on and passed clumps of runners moving in the opposite direction.

The last 1.5km there was the same girl that passed us again as my mate tried to pace her. In addition there was another guy in his 40s who powered past us at almost double my pace. Not great from my ego. I kept to the plan to keep running. My run was approximately the same as the last run with about 5.5km within 30 minutes.

At the end I was tired but felt my health is continually improving each time as my recovery time decreases…

Tough Mudder Training 12 – Steady Improvement / Revised Goals

Unlike many proper athletes and fitness junkies. I find difficulties planning exercise, as discussed in previous posts because I am on call it’s hard to know when I will be called to work. This time last week I was at work til 8.30.


I called uGab (same mate from Thursday) about 45 minutes before the intended run at 6.30, expecting him to say ‘no’. Rather he surprisingly said ‘yes’, his girlfriend was out and he was finishing work. Great timing!

Meeting at the same start position from the other day. I wanted to run the entire length rather than walking and running and walking etc on the way back from the bridge. This time I revised my own goal and paced out the first two kilometers aiming and seeing how I was feeling. My body still a little sore (muscle fatigued) but not showing the injuries experienced from the other day I pushed on and for the one and half kilometers it was telling that I would require some mental toughness.

My wife after a last minute decision prior to leaving took the dog as Rani (our boxer) was very excited and we took her. She ran and walked with the dog and on the return leg of the run I saw her and wanted to make sure she was doing okay. This is reflective in the picture of the pace (shown below).


I pushed on as my friend Gab inched further and further away as I did what I could to keep my feet moving. He was at 50 meters ahead and by every minute he was an adding to his lead til he was out of my view because of the winding nature of the river’s edge. Seeing the where I started, it’s a great feeling especially since I keep the momentum, running right the way through and adding and extra kilometer from the other day. Steady improvement, I’m keen for my next run, hopefully in a few days depending on the work schedule.

Tough Mudder Training 11 – Post Recovery

Run! That’s what was supposed to happen yesterday, due to work commitments I was home way too late the day before.

Making a few calls today to get a few people to go for a run. At the time I was unsuccessful but by the time I drove home through the heavy traffic, making bad decisions by changing my usual route home. Since I had already changed ready for the run, I waited around til 6.30 for my friends and my wife and I drove to their place a few minutes around the corner.  Parking near the UWA grounds we were set with four people ready to embrace the cold.

After a quick stretch (should have been longer in retrospect), my mate Gab started running with me and my wife and his girlfriend walked and talked. He kept telling me don’t worry, keep going ahead if you need to, it was a compliment but I knew after my reoccurring injuries to my left foot and other strains I didn’t have a gauge of my endurance level. Adding to this was it was near the end of the working week and work can be quite draining because of the different demands.

We ran and I was feeling good. Better than I thought. At one point I thought we had completed 2 kilometers turned out we had only just passed the 1st kilometer. I was keen to pick up the pace and he kept close behind me right up the Mounts Bay Bridge and turning around it wasn’t until about half way back to the Old Swan Brewery that I began to slow down and need to start walking. The cold was getting to me and my body was becoming a little sore. Since the pace was going so well it was to think that the change in the performance level as Gab inched further and further away til the point where my wife and friend were walking.

They meet and starting turning around I met up with them a minute later. Details below as shown when I started walking for the final length back to the car.

We chatted on the way back but still felt some of the problems in my body arising. 

I’ll wait and see what happens next run…